Agreement reached for Northeast Atlantic mackerel quotas between Norway, Faroe Islands, UK

A new agreement has been reached between Norway, the Faroe Islands, and the UK that outlines mackerel quotas between the countries in the Northeast Atlantic.

As part of the agreement, the Faroe Islands set a national quota of 98,708 metric tons, which works out to 13.35% of the total allowable catch.

Norway has set a quota of 229,210 metric tons, which is 31% of the total allowable catch. This allows the UK to have a national quota of 203,211 metric tons.

Speaking in a statement, Norwegian Fisheries Minister, Marianne Sivertsen Næss, explains, “I hope that this agreement can inspire the other parties to join a comprehensive coastal state agreement at a later date.”

“Great Britain and the Faroe Islands are important partners for us,” commented Næss. “I am, therefore, very satisfied that we have agreed on a multi-year agreement on the management and distribution of mackerel, where together we contribute to reducing the total fishing pressure on the stock.”