Russian military planes violate Finnish airspace claims Finland

According to a statement made by the Finnish Border Guard, Finland claims that four Russian military planes have violated the country’s airspace on 10th June.

The Finnish defense ministry initially said that only a single Russian military plane violated the airspace above the Gulf of Finland. However, it has now been revealed that it was, in fact, a total of four military aircraft from Russia.

“As the investigation progresses, it has become apparent that in addition to the one Russian plane reported earlier, there is also reason to suspect three other planes of territorial infringement,” explained the Finnish Border Guard.

It was believed that these four aircraft, two bombers and two fighter jets, entered the country’s airspace close to Loviisa, a town on the southern coast of Finland.

Speaking to Reuters, Janne Jaakkola, Finland’s Chief of Defence, commented, “Of course, if these kinds of airspace violations happen, and if they are deliberate and serious, we react to them but the investigation is ongoing and the Border Guard is in charge of it.”