Sweden Democrats MP David Lång caught on tape singing racist lyrics

David Lång, a Sweden Democrats MP, has been caught on tape singing racist lyrics during the EU election night.

During an interview by Expressen with Richard Jomshof, Secretary-General of the Sweden Democrats, the controversial techno hit L’amour toujours was playing in the venue. The song, which is banned in Germany, has been co-opted by German far-right groups which have replaced the original lyrics with “Ausländer raus, Deutschland den Deutschen” (“foreigners out, Germany for Germans”), a Nazi slogan.

As part of the recording, David Lång was caught loudly singing “Ausländer raus”, then caught himself asking the reporter, “Are you recording this?”

The Expressen reporter claimed that David Lång tried to grab their recording equipment. After the incident, Jomshof asked Lång to leave, refusing to answer questions.

In a written statement by Linda Lindberg, Leader of the Sweden Democrats, Lindberg explains, “My interpretation is that there were no ulterior motives behind David’s actions, but it’s blatantly obvious that he was heavily over-refreshed and generally buffoonish. As group leader I will speak to him tomorrow about this and stress that we expect better behaviour in the future.”