Blue Lagoon Iceland Takes Proactive Step Amid Seismic Activity, Announces Temporary Closure

Blue Lagoon Iceland Takes Proactive Step Amid Seismic Activity, Announces Temporary Closure

Blue Lagoon Iceland has announced a temporary suspension of operations across its renowned geothermal spa and associated facilities in a decisive move prioritising safety and well-being. This closure, effective November 9 until 07:00 November 16, encompasses the Blue Lagoon, Silica Hotel, Retreat Spa, Retreat Hotel, Lava, and Moss Restaurant.

Despite the Icelandic authorities maintaining the current level of uncertainty without escalation during this period of increased seismic activity, Blue Lagoon’s management has chosen to err on the side of caution. “Our commitment to the safety and comfort of our guests and staff is unwavering,” a spokesperson for Blue Lagoon Iceland stated. “This precautionary measure, though not mandated, reflects our ethos of putting well-being first.”

This proactive step is not just about adhering to safety protocols. It’s also a strategic move to ensure that the guest experience remains uninterrupted and serene without the looming worry of seismic developments. Additionally, this period allows the company to relieve the sustained pressure on their employees, ensuring their mental and physical well-being during these uncertain times.

Blue Lagoon Iceland will work closely with local authorities and the Icelandic Meteorological Office during the closure to monitor the seismic activity. The decision to reopen will be based on comprehensive assessments and the latest developments, ensuring guests can return to a safe and relaxing environment.

For guests and patrons looking for updates and more information, Blue Lagoon Iceland directs them to the Icelandic Meteorological Office’s website. There, they will find current updates on the seismic situation alongside a list of frequently asked questions and general information regarding the closure.

While the temporary shutdown may inconvenience some, it underscores Blue Lagoon’s dedication to ensuring a secure and comfortable environment as the world watches how Iceland navigates its seismic challenges.

For more information and current updates on volcanic activities, please visit Icelandic Meteorological Office. For information about the Blue Lagoon, visit their website.

The picture is taken from The Blue Lagoon website.