New pan Nordic cooperation in the advertising market announced by TBWA

New pan-Nordic cooperation in the advertising market announced by TBWA

TBWA has launched pan-Nordic cooperation, and as per their press release bringing together over 250 thinkers and doers solving problems with creativity. The new collaboration is designed to provide a more comprehensive and integrated service to clients across the Nordic region, leveraging the expertise and resources of TBWA’s talented team of professionals.

Cooperation is already underway, and the team is excited about the opportunities it presents. With an impressive customer portfolio and a focus on innovation, creativity, and exceptional service, TBWA is well-positioned to continue its success in the competitive advertising industry.

When Icenews spoke to the team Sami Tikkanen, CEO of TBWA Helsinki & TBWA Nordic President had this to say “We are excited to launch this new pan-Nordic cooperation, which allows us to bring together the best of TBWA’s talent from across the Nordic region”. 

With an experienced team from across the Nordic region, TBWA is well-positioned to offer clients a wide range of advertising and marketing services, including brand strategy, storytelling, design, digital marketing, brand experience, PR, social content, media & data, in-house film production & other creative solutions.

“By pooling our resources and expertise, the team is able to deliver more comprehensive and innovative solutions to clients across the region” added Nicolay Jernber, COO of TBWA Norway in Oslo and he continued  “We are excited to be part of this new pan-Nordic cooperation, which offers our clients a one-stop-shop for all their advertising and marketing need. With our combined talent and resources, we are confident that we can provide exceptional service and help our clients achieve their goals.”

In the picture, you will find from the left Valgeir Magnússon (NO), Sami Tikkanen (FI), Guðmundur H. Pálsson (IS), Kalle Widgren (SE) and Louise Sonne-Bergström (DK)