Climate Alignment at Advertising Agency Pipar\TBWA 

In 2020, Icelandic advertising agency Pipar\TBWA embarked on the project of carbon neutralizing its operations by 2021. It’s a preemptive move on the agency’s part as companies will soon be required to be carbon neutral by law.

With this initial decision also came a five-year carbon neutralization plan with the goal of reducing the agency’s carbon footprint. This is no small undertaking. Enter Súrefni Certified Credits, a company specializing in corporate carbon offsetting. Súrefni is collaborating with Pipar\TBWA in implementing the agency’s five-year plan, calculating its carbon footprint, providing advice on how to reduce it, and balancing it with certified carbon units based on the data Súrefni collects.

How does one carbon offset? In this case, carbon offsetting or carbon neutrality is achieved by paying an amount, determined by the company’s carbon footprint, to responsible and certified projects thereby creating certified carbon units. For its part, Pipar\TBWA has selected certified projects supporting clean water in Mozambique, forest protection in Brazil and hydroelectric power in Turkey.