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Ongoing strike in Norway sees 3000 more teachers to join action

From 13th September, 3000 more teachers will join the ongoing industrial strike in the education sector in Norway.

Currently, there are roughly 3500 teachers on strike in Norway, which first started in June, been has grown momentum since, escalating across the country following the summer holidays.

Steffan Handal, Head of the Education Association, states, “We will continue the strike until we find a better solution for the teachers.” Handal continued to mention that the number of teachers on strike highlight how serious the situation is.

Bergen will be the hardest hit area in the country, with around 580 teachers employed by Bergen Municipality expecting to join in the strike, taking the total number to 1300 teachers.

Trondheim, Bærum, and Byrne will also see a larger number of teachers out on strike.