June sees inflation rate in Finland hit almost 8 percent

Statistics Finland has announced that inflation in the country has grown in June to 7.8 percent, compared to the rate in May of 7.0 percent. This rise in inflation has been reflected in energy and food prices.

Statistics Finland stated that the cost of goods in grocery shops has risen by 10.9 percent more than that of June 2021.

“Since December last year, the prices of food and nonalcoholic beverages have risen by 10 percent, the prices of light fuel oil by 76 percent, diesel and petrol by 42 percent and electricity by 22 percent – that is, only in six months,” explained Kristiina Nieminen, Statistics Finland Chief Actuary, while speaking to Yle.

Among the more significant price hikes for products were coffee, fish, flour and eggs.

Chief Economist at the Finland Chamber of Commerce has noted that the last time Finland saw inflation growing at a faster pace was in March 1984.