2021 saw the Danish robotics industry grow by 12%

As published in the recent Odense Robotics Insight Report 2022, Denmark’s robotics industry saw a growth increase by 12% in 2021.

The country’s robotics, automation and drone industry generated a whopping EUR 2.8 billion (DKK 21.1 billion) in turnover during 2021, with UR 1.5 billion (DKK 11 billion) being in exports.

Since 2015, over EUR 900+ million (DKK 6.7 billion) has been invested in the country’s robotics companies, states the report by Odense Robotics.

Odense Robotics CEO, Mikkel Christoffersen, explains, “Denmark continues to rank amongst the world’s leading robot nations, delivering a strong 12% growth last year and even higher rates in segments such as collaborative and mobile robots.”

“Global labour shortages at end-users are fuelling demand for automated solutions and extending deployment of Danish robotic and drone technologies to new sectors such as logistics, retail, construction, healthcare and energy,” continues Christoffersen.

The forecast for turnover is expected to reach EUR 5 billion (DKK 37.2 billion) by 2025.

Image: Odense Robotics