Largest icebreaker in Finnish history to be built

After receiving a major order, the largest icebreaker in Finnish history is set to be built by Helsinki Shipyard.

According to a press release by Helsinki Shipyard, the new icebreaker will be the largest and most powerful diesel-electric icebreaker ever built in Finland.

“The design and construction of the new icebreaker is yet another indication of the strengths of Helsinki Shipyard Oy and Aker Arctic as well as the whole Finnish marine industry network as the leading builder of icebreakers. The employment impact of the contract at the shipyard and in the marine industry network is approximately 2,100 person-years. The contract is significant for Helsinki Shipyard and brings stability to the shipyard’s order book, extending it to the end of 2024,” explains Helsinki Shipyard.

The mission for the icebreaker is to make way for Nornickel Arctic Express ships travelling via the Yenisei river in Russia as well as tow an additional fleet of Arc5 cargo ships with up to 20 000 tons of deadweight.

Construction for the icebreaker will begin this year, with Helsinki Shipyard delivering the vessel during winter 2025.

Image: Aker Arctic