Three people die in large salmonella outbreak in Denmark

Three people die in large salmonella outbreak in Denmark

According to the BBC, three people have died in Denmark from a large salmonella outbreak, apparently linked to psyllium husk capsules by Husk, which have been recalled by the manufacturer Orkla Care.

A total of 33 people have fallen ill due to consuming the capsules, with nineteen being treated in hospital and three passing. Those affected by the outbreak range between 2 years old and 92 years old.

Luise Müller of Denmark’s Statens Serum Institut said the cause of a salmonella outbreak coming from herbal medicine was a first for the agency.

Speaking to the BBC, Müller explained that it wasn’t certain that the deaths were caused by the capsules but added that the high rate of hospital cases and deaths were unusual. “It’s because this product is taken by people who are already vulnerable and may have stomach problems…and when they are hospitalized or die it’s with the underlying disease as well.”

A spokesperson for Orkla Care told the BBC that there is no clear connection between the deaths and the products; however, as a precaution, they have decided to recall all Husk products in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.