Iceland’s Road to Sustainability

There was a seminar held on March 30th in Iceland talking about having a green and sustainable future in the transport company of Iceland. It had gathered a panel of several car industry companies talking about electric and sustainable cars. This would be perfect for Iceland since they are already working towards green hydrogen and a sustainable future. This meeting was attended by different companies in Iceland which dealt with oil. Their aim from the petroleum stations now diverted to sustainable energy development vehicles. Since Iceland has proven its place in the world that it can work incredibly with renewable sources of energy in the electrical infrastructure, Iceland has achieved new heights as a country. It has completely now been focusing on developing vehicles with clean green hydrogen.

The Iceland region of Reykjavik contracted with a Norwegian company called NEL Energy that they would supply hydrogen through clean equipment. The hydrogen would be produced through water electrolysis which uses renewable energy from Iceland’s hydroelectricity power plant. This was the country’s first step to turning themselves into a country fully dependent on renewable and clean sources of energy. The energy would then be converted to electricity and for heating purposes. Their target is to make Iceland dependent almost 40% on these sources of energy by 2030. Iceland wants to remake the region of Reykjavik into an almost clean environment with power stations supplying clean gases only. This part of Iceland would be a model for the rest of the country. They have about 3 power stations for the whole area which is built to provide easy access to a large population and the Government can then turn this city as an ideal model for the whole of Iceland in terms of energy management. This city plans to become completely carbon-free by the end of 2040 according to their reports from the Mayor of this city.

This plan of Iceland is to be done by using the proper source of technology and by making the whole country dependent by 2050. For over two decades, Iceland has been taking steps on working towards a clean source of energy that is to work with hydrogen. They wish to completely decarbonize their fuel consumption. Currently, in Iceland, the transport sector is solely responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases in their environment. This has led the Government to implement zero-emission gas vehicles across the country.

Currently, due to all these steps taken by the Environmental Department, there are zero-emission vehicles. Iceland stands next to Norway which is second in the place in the world which works with clean emission games. There are several projects such as H2ME -2 which are currently working to achieve the climatic goals of the country in order to achieve their success in attaining sustainability. It is said that to achieve the goals of sustainability quickly and at a broader aspect, bigger projects are said to be implemented. Iceland has played an important role in the world of sustainable energy. They have come up very far and are an ideal nation for a complete platform of sustainable transport systems.