Icelandic Luxury Tourism opening up post-Covid

Icelandic Luxury Tourism opening up post-Covid

Iceland has become a sought after destination post-COVID-19 for high-end travellers.  The main reason not only being a fascinating island of diverse and unique natural wonders but also because Iceland has managed to become one of the safest countries in the world post-lock-down.

this includes high-end travel, and on the highlands of Iceland, you can see well-known TV producers, famous actors mixing with the locals and other tourists. 

A local travel agency Iceland Luxury Tours was the group’s local travel expert, planner and operator.  The company has specialised in tailor-made, private tours and unlike many other agencies, it handles tour operations as well.  Boasting their own fleet of luxury super jeeps and experienced local staff and guides for all types of activities makes Iceland Luxury Tours surely stand out in travel services in Iceland.

During their last tailor-made tour, customers experience helicopter rides across Iceland to Eyjafjallajökull volcano, Vatnajökull glacier to view the highest peak in Iceland Hvannadalshnjúkur (2110m), to Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, Tröllaskagi, Norðurá salmon river, Lakagígar volcanic craters and Reykjanes peninsula to name a few.  Among activities on the tour was snowmobiling on a glacier, Arctic salmon fishing, kayaking on a glacier lagoon, heli-snowboarding, whale watching on a rib-boat, horseback riding and mountain e-biking which is a new activity that fits everyone.

Sveinn S. Kjartansson founder and owner of Iceland Luxury Tours thinks that personalised and hands-on approach taking care of his important clients is very important to maintain the best possible services:

“It is very important to have experienced local staff to plan and operate the tours and services first hand.  You need to be on top of things yourself to monitor the customers expectations and ensure their happiness.  Information flow and response time when adjustments are needed, and they will be needed, is absolutely crucial.  Only that way you get the happiest customers that feel that they are being taken care of.  This is the reason why our customers return again and again.  I can surely feel the rise in interest of travelling to Iceland post lock-down and I can also confirm that Iceland has never been a better destination with a staggeringly low number of tourists.”.