Iceland has eased on its COVID travel restrictions

Iceland has eased on its COVID travel restrictions

Iceland has eased on their travel restrictions. They had several rules and regulations for a person if they were tested positive. Passengers who would arrive at Iceland would be in quarantine for 2 weeks. It was seen that if a passenger booked for their screening test earlier before they landed here, it would be beneficial for them as they offered a discount. This was only done to keep the safety in mind for the people. Travelling now in Iceland has become much more regulated and there was a list of guidelines for the people of Iceland and as well as for the visitors to follow. Some of the guidelines included frequent washing of hands, social distancing, following the regulations of the place, and to limit to only 200 people in a social gathering.

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Iceland had kept their borders open during the whole of COVID-19 pandemic to the EU and Schengen states. This was only due to the condition if they opted for getting tested for COVID-19 upon arrival. These restrictions would continue to operate in Iceland till the 1st of July 2020. Testing for COVID-19 would become compulsory for the passengers from 1st July and it would exempt children who were born in 2005 or later. This test would be for each and every individual coming from different areas. There would be no exemption given to anybody. It would be highly applicable if any passenger is suspected or if there is any passenger coming from a country with high COVID-19 cases. It is advised that if any passenger who is travelling to Iceland and seems to have some cold-like symptoms, they should immediately contact the Health line of Iceland – +3555444113. This should be their first point of contact before they go to any hospital or clinic. If any individual who has taken the test before for COVID-19 and has been tested negative, then they are exempted from taking any further tests and will be released. It is seen at this point, the Government of Iceland cannot take any risks or chances.

The Prime Minister of Iceland Katrin Jakobsdottir introduced several measures for the safety of the country. If any individual who is not part of any of the countries listed in the Schengen zone, they would not be applicable to visit the country. These rules are applicable until 1st July. These steps were taken as a part of reassuring safety in the country. Even though people of the Schengen zone were allowed to enter, they were still taken to the screening test for COVID-19 which was self-quarantined for 14 days.

 The Government seems to have taken some relieving measures such as from July 13th, 2020, there would be a group of 2000 people who could gather from 500. The authorities might even think of opening some bars and nightclubs but only till 11.00 pm. These steps are taken to reduce the pressure since there was a very low ratio of COVID-19 in Iceland. Since Iceland had taken its steps earlier there were comparatively fewer cases. Due to the preventive measures are taken. At an earlier stage, it helped the country and the people to get over the pandemic earlier. But still, the government even though they have relaxed their measures, assumes that a relapse can still happen. The hospitals and Government are still ready to get another shock.