IRCA disagree with Norwegian advisors on Þorskafjörður bridge

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration, IRCA, disagree with the Norwegian consultant firm Multiconsult about what way best to shorten the travel distance on the Westfjord’s road 60. The firm was asked to opine on the matter, which has been subject to years of debate at a local level, as a neutral party.

Þorskafjörður, fjord, Road and Coastal Administration

A decision has yet to be made in Þorskafjörður after years of planning and debate.

The firm presented it’s ideas on the project this week, saying that a new 800 metre bridge over Þorskafjörður fjord would be a preferable option. The Road and Coastal Administration responded saying that the bridge would require yet more lengthy planning and would be more expensive than stated in the Norwegian firm’s presentation. A decision has yet to be made after years of planning and debate, mainly due to environmental concerns about the forest Teigskógur in the area around Þorskafjörður. The Road and Coastal Administration has suggested building a road through Teigsskógur.

Har­ald­ur Bene­dikts­son, MP for the constituency involved, voices his concerns in an interview with Farmers in the area worry that the new road will cut through farmlands, he says, adding that it will probably take some time before all parties agree. He praises local authorities for their efforts to conciliate opposing views on the matter.