Looking for Things to do in Iceland? Travelade Might be Your New Best Friend

How can you make sure not to miss out on the best things to do in Iceland while also being in the know about the tourist traps to avoid? Travelade is an up-and-coming global travel website helping people discover meaningful experiences in a simple and fun way.

Travelade things to do in Iceland

photo credit: Hörður Ragnarsson / Travelade

Andri Kristinsson, CEO and co-founder says he thinks of himself and his team as everyone’s local friend in Iceland. A friend you can trust to ask for the best insider tips and recommendations tailored to your personal travel style. Travelade has created a simple and photo-rich user interface where travelers who like to plan their own trips can browse through one of the largest collection of travel guides, helpful articles and bookable tours in Iceland – everything travelers need to craft their dream trip.

“Whether you are a wilderness lover looking to stay clear of the crowds, a backpacker on a budget, or a family seeking kid-friendly fund, Travelade wants to get you the right – and trusted – recommendations. Vacation time is too short to be wasted on disappointing experiences!” says Andri.

For travelers who love to do their research and plan trips on their own, Travelade has launched a neat feature called “Wanderlists” which essentially works like Pinterest boards. It’s a fun and easy way to save articles, tours, and experiences into your personal Wanderlist to access later when you are ready to plan the details and book everything.

While having initial focus in Iceland, the team behind Travelade has global ambitions for the website and is already launching in a few other exciting countries this year including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Norway, and Croatia. Are these countries on your bucket list?