Mother of Icelandic man believed to have died in Syria asks for the help of the public

Mother of Icelandic man believed to have died in Syria asks for the help of the public

Eva Hauksdóttir, the mother of an Icelandic man who is believed to have died in Syria while fighting with YPG against The Islamic State and the Turks in Northwest-Syria, asks for the help of the public to get any information about the whereabouts of her son. This is reported on

If you know anything about the whereabouts of Haukur Hilmarsson, please email

The International Freedom Battalion posted on Facebook that Haukur Hilmarsson had died in a Turkish bombing in Afrin county in Northwest-Syria on the 24th of February.

Eva says on her blog that it is still unconfirmed that he has in fact died, but it does look like it. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been in talks with the consul in Turkey, the police and other institutions to try and find out what happened and where his body may be.

Eva says that neither she nor any of her closest relations had been notified about the situation before it was published in the news and adds that she has not been able to get into contact with anyone who knows more than what has already been said.

„I want to thank everyone who has given their condolences, even strangers. I have not been able to answer everyone, but I am very touched and will answer when I am ready,“ she added. „If anyone knows something that could shed any light on what happened and what Haukur was doing for that past year, please send me an email at Don‘t send me information on Facebook because I do not follow it closely.“

Turkish news media says Haukur had been killed. He is said to have been fighting with YPG in Northwest Syria against the Turkish military in Afrin county 24th of February. He had arrived in Syria in July last year from Greece, and had, for example, fought alongside Kurds against IS in Raqqa.