Icelandic Author Alexander Dan Makes a Groundbreaking Deal With SF Publisher Gollancz

hrímland, Alexander Dan, Gollancz

Alexander Dan, a young Icelandic author, has made a two-book publishing deal with Gollancz, the oldest specialist SF & Fantasy publisher in the UK.

Alexander‘s debut, Shadows of the Short Days, is set in an alternate Reykjavík where wild and industrialised magic meet. It is a tale of damaged characters forging a revolution against an oppressive government. His voice is reportedly a great new voice in the genre and will speak to a new generation of readers. Fans of, for example, China Miéville, Lev Grossman and Paulo Bacigalupi will not be disappointed.

Craig Leynaar, Gollancz assistant editor, said it was a dream to bring Alexander to the list. “His writing instantly stood out as incredibly original and special,” he said. “It is haunting, compelling and beautifully written. I know readers will devour such a striking world and mythology.”

Gollancz acquired World Rights of two novels from Jenifer Jackson of the Donal Maas Literary Agency. “Signing with Gollancz and Jennifer Jackson has been an incredible turn of events for me,” said Alexander. “When I sent the manuscript in to the open submission I had absolutely zero expectations. It has been a daydream come true.”

The Shadows of the Short Days is a part of Hrímland Saga, and Alexander writes both in English and Icelandic, translating back and forth as the story requires.

Apart from the book deal, Alexander is also the vocalist and lyricist for the Icelandic black metal band Carpe Noctem as well as being the founder and editor of Iceland’s first SFF Magazine, Furðusögur (Weird Stories).