Father Knocked Down an Unwelcome Drone

A family in the Breiðholt neighbourhood in Reykjavík were recently shocked to see a camera drone flying outside their living room window. It was the daughter of the house who noticed it first. This is reported by ruv.is

Samúel Þórir Drengsson says his daughter saw the drone when she was sitting in the living room, which was flying about 10 cm in front of the window. He went out on the balcony and after having thrown snow at it grabbed a piece of cardboard which he used to knock it to the ground, where it smashed.

“My daughter was very taken aback and found this incredibly weird,” he said.

Samúel went to the parking lot where he met the owner and decided to call the police. The owner said he had just bought the drone and had not been snooping. Since the drone smashed, it is not possible to see what was recorded.

The police came and took the owner’s statement as well as his friend’s. The owner could not give a good reason for why he did what he did, but denied having recorded the family through their window.

The police said that they are regularly called because of unwelcome drones, and they want to inform the public to read laws on drone flights and privacy.