3,5 Tons of Icelandic Salt Sent to Denmark for Spa Products


Icelandic company Forval just sent out 3,5 tons of Icelandic salt to Denmark to be used in high-class spa products. The salt was manufactured by Saltverk in Reykjanes in the West Fjords. This is reported by mbl.is

The owners, Haraldur Jóhannsson and Fjóla G. Friðriksdóttir, have already signed distribution contracts for the United States, Europe and Asia. “We have spent years in the cosmetic industry and have good contacts there. Iceland is a popular location, and there are not many manufacturing products like this here,” they said.

14 products will be released soon. “There will be at least two body scrubs, white foaming salt scrub and a black lava salt oil scrub, which is completely new and very exciting,” added Fjóla.

All products are certified vegan and included 95% natural material.