Google Maps Hard to Reach For Updates Results in Tourists Stuck on Mountain Roads

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA) has without luck tried to contact Google about updating their road map of Iceland. This is reported by

The reason why the map needs to be updated is that route 1 (Ring road) has been changed in the East Fjords. The road no longer goes over the mountain road Breiðdalsheiði between Fljótsdalshérað district and Breiðdalur valley It now goes through the southern fjords.

Pétur Matthíasson, the PR representative for IRCA, says that most tourists use Google Maps when driving around Iceland. “Google is hard to reach. Changes to the road work are common, and the current version they show isn’t correct.”

Jökull Fannar Helgason, the ICE-SAR chief in East Iceland, says that the ICE-SAR has had to go about twenty times onto the mountain road to rescue people who are stuck in the snow, despite closures. He says that most of the people had driven the mountain road because Google Maps said it was the correct route.