Ingibjörg Aldís Has a Popular ASMR YouTube Channel With Almost 1 Million Views

Ingibjörg Aldís /Photo from Facbook

Icelander Ingibjörg Aldís Hilmisdóttir runs the ASMR YouTube channel Nordic Whisper and has over 15 thousand followers. This is reported by Nú

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and the purpose with the videos is to invoke involuntary physical responses such as shivers down your spine, at the back of your neck or to have the hairs on your arms rise.

Ingibjörg posted her first video over a year ago, but since then more and more people have started watching, and she is now at a place where she earns enough money off the videos that she can do this full time.

It is possible to ask her to do personal videos for a fee, and it is also possible to sponsor her through PayPal.

Check out the attached video to experience the ASMR.