This is what companies gave their employees for Christmas

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Employers in Iceland always give their employees a Christmas present

It is a custom for companies in Iceland to give their staff a Christmas present as a small bonus. The gifts are as different as they are many. took the list together.

The three banks of Iceland, Íslandsbanki, Landsbanki and Arion banki gave their employees a Garmin-watch, noise-cancelling headphones and a 50000 ISK gift card and a basket with cheeses respectively. The Iceland Stock Exchange gave a 25000 ISK gift card to Kringlan shopping mall.

The City of Reykjavík gave two tickets to Reykjavík City Theatre, and the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service gave two tickets to the National Theatre. The Icelandic Symphony got a basket filled with food.


Newspapers were generous to their employees and gave them gift cards and food.

Employees of the newspaper Fréttablaðið got a 45000 ISK gift card to the store Cintamani which sells outdoor clothing while the employees of the newspaper Morgunblaðið got a 30000 ISK gift card to 66° North, also an outdoor clothing store, olive oil and balsam vinegar.

Viðskiptablaðið, the Icelandic business weekly, gave their employees glazed ham, a leg of lamb and cheeses.

Sous Vide mania

Sous Vide has taken Iceland by a storm, and everybody and their grandmother has a Sous Vide stick. A couple of companies decided to get their employees to take part in the new Icelandic national sport and gave them Sous Vide sticks.

The Icelandic Insurance Company (VÍS) gave a Sous Vide stick, a Sous Vide cookbook and food. Nýherji, a Systems Integrator and Managed Service Provider, did the same and gave a Sous Vide stick, a cookbook and food.

Gift cards for the workplace

Employees of 10-11 and Costco got gift cards for 5000 ISK and 3500 ISK respectively to 10-11 or Iceland and Costco for Christmas.

Employees of the bookstore Eymundsson got a 12000 ISK gift card to Eymundsson while the employees of Garðheimar, a lifestyle and plant store, got a gift card to Garðheimar, a box of chocolates and two wine bottles, one white and one red.