Icelandair encourages people to not come to Iceland amidst air mechanics strike.

Icelandair is trying to get its customers that were going to get a connection flight in Iceland between the USA and Europe to fly with other companies. Negotiations between Icelandair and their air mechanics, whose strike started yesterday, were stopped last night when it was clear they would not conclude the salary dispute. This is reported by

8 of scheduled 15 flights from the USA to Europe landed at Keflavík International Airport this morning. Guðjón Arngrímsson, Icelandair’s VP of corporate communications, says that without the help of air mechanics, their 30 aeroplanes are quick to fall out of service. “It does not need much, our flight crews hand in a report after each flight and if there is something small that needs fixing, we cannot do anything, and we will not fly the plane.”

“We are not just dealing with Icelanders but people from many countries that have different standards and needs. What we are trying to do is get people to fly with other companies. We, of course, pay for their tickets but this is our way of trying to make sure that Icelanders get home for Christmas and others will be able to leave Iceland to their home countries,” Arngrímsson added.

Icelandair’s air mechanics have been offered the same raise others in Iceland were offered in past labour disputes. The strike is ongoing.