Three men stole hundreds of kilos of meat

Three men have been arrested in Reykjanes Peninsula for stealing hundreds of kilos of meat from an aircraft ground service company situated in Keflavík International Airport. This is reported by

Two of the three men worked for the company, and it is believed that one of them had been stealing for the past four to five years. 168 kilos of beef was found at the home of their accomplice.

The police announced that the men are suspected of stealing cigarette cartons as well as meat, but they mostly took lamb and beef. To get the goods, they broke the seal on carts which held duty-free products to be sold on board the planes. The police found 18 cartons of cigarettes at the home of one of the men who worked for the company.

CCTV recordings showed them moving boxes of meat from the company‘s freezer, and one of the arrested men had just stolen about 30 boxes when he was apprehended. He admitted having sold a portion of the stolen goods for 2000 – 2500 ISK per kilo.

The police do not know how much the men stole over the years.