Sweden’s Prime Minister likes to “throw sandwich” in the Swedish nature

Sweden’s Prime Minister likes to “throw sandwich” in the Swedish nature

The Swedes are always up to something fun out in nature. Apparently, “Kasta macka” or “throwing sandwiches” is on the list of top 5 things for prime minister Mr. Stefan Löfven.

Listing a whole country on Airbnb

The prime minister made the remark regarding an initiative where Sweden (the whole country) was listed on Airbnb. The initiative by Visit Sweden (the official tourism board), has gathered quite a lot of attention and praise from the public. It’s a neat way to give Sweden all the attention it deserves, and the prime minister’s list makes it sound even better.

In a comment, Mr. Löfven told press about the wonders of Swedish nature and praised the people’s ability to roam it freely. Or in his words:

Sweden’s grand nature in combination with our freedom to roam is one of our greatest assets when it comes to being a great country to visit.

The freedom to roam is actually a concept deeply ingrained in Swedish history. The word allemansrätten literally means ‘every man’s right’, and it gives Swedes permission to  roam almost anywhere in the countryside. There are some restrictions but it’s allowed as long as there is no destruction or disturbance.

Stean Löfven’s top 5 things to do in the Swedish nature

Besides praising the Swedish nature, Mr. Stefan Löfven listed his top 5 things to do there:

  1. Having a glass of wine with my wife Ulla, watching the dramatic coastline of Höga kusten near my hometown Örnsköldsvik.
  2. Walking in one of Sweden’s grand forests, in its simplicity it’s very relaxing.
  3. At my summerhouse in the North of Sweden, nature is in my backyard and it can really clear your mind chopping some wood in the morning.
  4. It’s not only about being in nature, it’s also what nature gives. For example, Swedish cloudberries, also known as the gold of the North. Try it with a waffle and some ice cream.
  5. Stone skipping at a beautiful lake or as we say “Kasta macka” (throw a sandwich).


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