Anita Hinriksdottir sets two Icelandic records for running in five days

Sprinter Anita Hinriksdottir set a new record for Iceland in 800-meter woman’s race in Oslo last night Visir reports. Hinriksdottir reached the goal in 02:00,05 minutes and broke the existing Icelandic record for the 800 meter sprint, previously set by her in the 2016 Rio Olympics, by nine fractions of a second. She came in 6th place last nigt, South Africa’s Caster Semenya came in first in 01:57,59

This is the second Icelandic record Hinriksdottir sets in five days, on Sunday she set a new Icelandic record in a 1500 meter race in a tournament in Holland. The old record was from 30 years ago, set by Ragnheidur Olafsdottir at 04:14,94 in 1987. Hinriksdottir’s new record for Iceland is 04:06,43 minutes. Hinriksdottir is set to compete in another tournament in Stockholm on Sunday.