Winter storms still raging in Iceland – Road closures and warnings around the island

Even if summer has officially arrived in Iceland there is no stopping the snowstorms raging around the island, particularly in the east and west fjords this evening according to the Icelandic road administration. 

Ring road no. 1 was reopened this evening but some of the mountain roads connecting smaller towns to necessities remain closed and some are only accessible to especially equipped cars, which is a problem because officially it became illegal to have cars equipped with nailed tires in early May. The police are unlikely to enforce that ban under the circumstances.

The famous ring road, the highway circling the island is very rarely closed in May, but this evening in the southern part was closed due to the storm. Winter isn’t quite done with the island it would seem and likely the roads will close up again once local Search & Rescue groups and the road administration call it a night. Travellers are advised to tread carefully and Campers and bigger cars are advised to stay in parking lots for the time being. There are warnings of heavy rains to come in the south and the east and avalanche dangers in the east and west fjords as well according to so if in Iceland and planning a trip, be advised.