Iceland’s National Weightlifting team comes in first in San Marino

Iceland’s man and women’s team in National Weightlifting took first place with at the European Small Nations Weightlifting Olympics In San Marino this weekend. That’s the first time since 1989 that Iceland wins this tournament.

It is a team competition where 3 men and 2 female count in a combined Sinclair competition. The team did great, winning the competition, breaking records and PRs. The Icelandic National team of men and women consists of Bjorg Odinsdottir, Einar Ingi Jonsson, Solveig Sigurdardottir, Gudmundur Högni Hilmarsson and Bjarmi Hreinsson.

This was the 39th European Small Nations Weightlifting Olympics held in San Marino. Cypress, witch most often emerges victorious in this tournament had to withdraw this year due to financial difficulties of the team, the Cypress team was greatly missed. Iceland won the tournament, Malta came in second and San Marino took third place.

The Icelandic Weightlifting Federation has announced that the 40th European Small Nations Weightlifting Olympics are to be held in Iceland next year in 2018 for the first time. A booming increase of interest in the sport has been emerging, bot in Iceland as in the other European Small Nations so a good competition is to be expected.