Norwegian or Icelandic tourist bites off a piece of local Berlin man’s ear

Conflicting sources state that either an Icelandic or Norwegian tourist bit of a chunk of a Berlin local, in a vicious xenophobic attack last Sunday. The incident took place on a regional train where the tourist displayed aggressive behavior to a “Mediterranean” looking German man, calling him “Bin Laden” and “a terrorist”. The man didn’t react initially, but when the drunken tourist started pushing him and touching him, he defended himself. A fellow passenger, 37- year-old Berlin local, Alexsander B., came to his defense and tried to prevent the attack with the dire consequences.

According to a report by DW the man was Norwegian and also according to the Local, a Norwegian news outlet, but according a Berliner Zeitung BZ report, the man was Icelandic. There are further reports, and most likely the perpetrator wasn’t Icelandic or else it would be all over the news in Iceland. In any case the man has been arrested.

The piece of ear that was bitten off was a substantial one; “several centimeters long,” according to police. Some other passengers got involved following the bite, and restrained the perpetrator until authorities arrived. The bite victim was heavily bleeding by then from his right ear and scratched face, and was taken to hospital. The 43-year-old Norwegian or Icelandic tourist is being investigated for causing bodily harm, among other charges. Doctors are set to reconstruct the ear as possible, however the piece that was bitten off could not be sutured back on. The perpetrator is detained in Berlin and will be brought before a judge in the coming days.