Next Star Wars might be filmed partly in Norway

Next Star Wars might be filmed partly in Norway

Norwegian landmarks like Preikestolen, Trolltunga, Folgefonna and Lofoten are being considered as possible locations for block buster films from one of the bigger production companies in Tinseltown. Among the productions in consideration is one of the most successful movie chronicles of all time, Star Wars.

Producers Tor Arne Øvrebø and Per-Henry Borch say that Norway is currently high on the list of location scouting international studios, the country’s beautiful nature is thought to be ideal for certain productions according to Aftenposten’s report. Borch went on to say that Pulpit Rock, or Preikestolen, the fjord- side precipice that is one of Norway’s most-visited tourist attractions, is particularly of interest to studios.

“The makers of an upcoming blockbuster movie from Disney-owned Lucas Film want to use Preikestolen, or another Preikestolen-like place, as a powerful location for the final stages of production. In June and July we conducted a round of visits with these folks, mainly in western Norway, said Borch.

In 2016 Hollywood films ‘The Snowman’ with Michael Fassbender and ‘Downsizing’ with Matt Damon were filmed in various Norwegian locations, so Norway seems to be a growing location for Hollywood blockbusters.

The Local reports from an Aftenposten report.