Iceland: A Nation of Bastards

Lifestyle chooses in Iceland, particularly when it comes to family structure, were the subject of a sermon by pastor Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church, a United States Independent fundamentalist Baptist church in Tempe, Arizona. Pastor Anderson had come a cross a CNN interview, ?”Iceland’s unique view on marriage (The Wonder List with Bill Weir)”, with an Icelandic couple and felt the need to warn and educate his flock about the nation’s lifestyle. The woman in the interview is the one that Paster Anderson mainly took issue with; Berglind lives with her partner Sigurdur in a combined family with four kids. Three of the kids are Berglind’s, with two partners, and the fourth one belongs to her partner. She doesn’t see her family as a “broken family” and Pastor Anderson finds that particularly troubling along with a number of lifestyle chooses of Icelanders in general. The church uses the King James Bible and members of the church meet in an office space located in a strip mall. Pastor Steven L. Anderson established the church in December 2005 and remains its pastor.

Here is the full sermon from Sunday with pastor Anderson

Here is the CNN interview with Berglind and Sigurdur