Netflix – Poor Selection in Iceland

Icelanders seem to be embracing Netflix since it opened it´s services in January. Over a hundred thousand people are users, or almost a third of the nation. They did in fact embrace it much sooner using the aid of applications that hide the location of the browser and put it in a country of choice, in Netflix case the United States. There is no need for that anymore how ever it seems that Icelandic users enjoy a somewhat lesser range of selection that the US users.

The actual information has been gathered by the Extremist exposing the selection of material on Netflix available for users in different countries. Iceland seems to have the short end of the stick compared to other counties, the country lingers in the middle when it comes to accessibility to material. With about 180 TV series to choose from and 777 movies while users in the US have a range of 1157 TV shows and 4500 movies. And now it seems that safeguards are in place for people who try to fool Netflix location wise. Accounts are being blocked and even locked out permanently. Despite Netflix in Iceland having a lesser range in selections, the selection is growing and the perks are that the Icelandic Netflix offers Icelandic subtitles, and no danger of being blocked because of a proxy swindle.