New Lagoon, Blue Lagoon: Improvements Underway

Iceland’s best know geothermal hot springs and resort, the Blue Lagoon, has been undergoing renovations since the start of the new year. This is the first time since 1999 that the hot spring has been closed. Recent photographs from the Iceland Monitor show the black lava that forms the bed of the pools, which are normally filled with glowing blue-white water, but have been drained for the time being. The Blue Lagoon is scheduled to reopen on January 22nd.

Many improvements are underway while the resort is closed. According to the Iceland Review, CEO Dagný Hrönn Pétursdóttir has said that one hundred people are working around the clock, bringing about the changes to the popular destination.

The soaking area is being expanded by 2,000 square meters, which will bring the total area up to 7,000 square meters. In addition to a larger lagoon, visitors can also expect a new “Skin Care Bar,” a new refreshment area, and upgraded guest facilities.

Besides these features, one of the main projects underway in this expansion is the beginning of construction of a five-star hotel, to open in 2017. The estimated cost of this hotel is ISK 400 million (EUR 2.8 million). The hotel will make an additional 60 rooms available to guests and will be surrounded by lava. Reportedly, a new lagoon will eventually be opening next year, bordered by high rocks to block the wind.