Reykjavík is a “Bucket List” Destination

It has become clear in the exponential growth of the number of visitors to Iceland each year that the northernmost European capitol is one of the hottest destinations for travellers from all over the world. To emphasize the significance of this island in the global imagination, it has also been designated as an item on the bucket list of one Laura Lawson from Aberdeen, UK.

Lawson began her project “Completing My Bucket List” in 2013 in an effort to turn her life around. The now-twenty-six year old woman had been struggling to maintain happiness and wellbeing after experiencing bullying in school and had let her life become miserable. The Bucket List was a way to reinvigorate her sense of wonder and excitement and as she reports on her website, it has been a great success.

“Completing My Bucket List” was featured last year on CNN in a series called “Turning Points,” which features people who have experienced a dramatic change for the better in their lives. Lawson currently has about 350 items on her Bucket List, which continues to grow. She has checked off about 150. In the latest, she added a visit to Reykjavík to her list. She reports that she will be arriving to this fair capitol next week, a perfect way to begin the new year.