Iceland in the midst of a “freak storm”

Iceland is currently surrounded by what The Washington Post dubbed a “Freak Storm”.

A strong area of low pressure that approached Iceland’s South coast last night is the cause of the extreme high winds that are currently affecting the entire country, with the East being the worst hit. This is the same low pressure system that caused fatal tornadoes in Texas this past Saturday.

Thus far, the town of Eskifjörður seems to be the worst hit with reports that roofs are being torn off houses and barns, and the marina has been destroyed. The brave men and women of Landsbjörg association rescue teams are on site in Eskifjörður as well as around the country to assist.

With winds forecasted to reach up to 15-25 m/s throughout most of Iceland until later tonight, and up to 33 m/s in the East, the Iceland Met Office strongly urges anyone travelling in Iceland to follow the weather reports closely.