björk calls for global action to prevent destruction of iceland’s highlands

Are „rednecks“ ruining Iceland?

Iceland born artist Björk says she is tired of “Rednecks” ruining the country. In an recent interview with Vanity Fair Björk said that patriarchies just don’t work in the 21st century. “Everyone is tired of them, including me” said Björk.

The artists interest in the environment is global as she along with Yoko Ono, Steve Coogan, Emma Thompson, David Bowie. Thom Yorke and big group of other people in the creative industry wrote a letter urging those at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference to reach a conclusion in favour of stopping global warming.

“I think we should have started reacting awhile ago,” Björk said to the Vanity Fair. “We are already borderline too late.”

Björk has used Iceland as an inspirational source of her music over the years and has been a strong voice for saving the countries highlands; she has over the past months been stepping up her efforts. Recently the artist has stated that Iceland had a small group of greedy rednecks who wanted to privatize the countries highlands and just build.

In video published last month Björk called for global action to prevent destruction of Iceland’s highlands.