Norwegian companies offer support to Syrian refugees

Norwegian companies offer support to Syrian refugees

Several Norwegian businesses are doing their part for the 11 million Syrian refugees by donating a day’s sales revenue to aid organizations, as well as pledging to hire those seeking employment, and assisting the displaced in need of shelter.

Stormberg, Norway’s popular outerwear and sportswear brand, is one of the many Norwegian companies participating in this initiative.

Not all customers are happy about the generous plan and are taking to Facebook to air their thoughts on the matter.

After receiving boycott threats, CEO of Stormberg Steinar Olsen, has expressed his displeasure with the negative feedback. Meanwhile, a Facebook group was formed to call for a boycott of the restaurants providing free food to the refugees. Boycott threats have also been received by several other Norwegian companies for their various refugee crisis initiatives.

Hotel chain owner, Petter Stordalen offered to help the refugees with beds and money, and in a TV2 interview, he stated that he would employ Syrians if they asked for a job.

Stormberg boss, Steinar Olsen is also willing to provide jobs for refugees despite the threats. He intends to employ one Syrian refugee for each of his Stormberg stores over the next two years.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg supports the initiatives and defines those who will boycott the Norwegian industry as a minority group.