Norway’s anti-alcohol ad an online hit

Norway’s anti-alcohol ad an online hit

A Norwegian anti-alcohol ad campaign has gone viral after it highlights the perks of sober life.

‘A bit of Art’ – or ‘Litt av en kunst’ in the local lingo – shows a relaxed, slightly chubby sober holidaymaker having the time of his life in a state-of-the-art motorboat as he lands at shore.

The commercial – which has received more than four million views already, 2.5 million of which were from the US – had only been intended to reach a local audience, revealed Kari Brink, the CEO of Norwegian group AV-OG-TILL, which advocates drinking less.

Brink admitted that they were left “open-mouthed” by the number of hits they received both in Norway and further afield, noting that it “spread like wildfire”.

Meanwhile, the star of the video, Jo Gill Naess, who has zero acting experience, described the situation as “absolutely crazy”. He said he only took up the role after friend Knut Robberstad, who was responsible for the screenplay, asked him to, adding that the “insane” numbers showed the video really did work.