Iceland: 3,000 marathoners compete in midnight sun run

Almost 3,000 people turned out on Tuesday night to take part in a sunlit midnight marathon in Reykjavik.

The North Atlantic country’s stunning midnight sun is drawing hordes of tourists who want to witness the endless days and spectacular skies during its summer solstice – a period that sees 24 hours of non-stop daylight.

The 2015 Midnight Sun Run is among numerous events that are staged to mark the occasion on an annual basis, and this time it was held for the 23rd occasion, with contestants taking part in a five-kilometre, 10-kilometre or, for the hardcore fitness fanatics, a half marathon.

Runner Arna Ir Gunnarsdottir noted that she enjoyed the run because it made up for the lack of daylight during the winter months. She explained that Icelanders liked the bright nights when the sun didn’t go down, and they enjoyed doing something different because it was so dark for much of the year.

Kari Steinn Karlsson, who won the men’s half marathon, said that even though it was a little cloudy, he found it great to run under the midnight sun. He described running at night when it was so bright as a different feeling that gave you lots of energy, adding that it was a perfect evening.