Partygoers in Iceland invited to glacier rave

Partygoers in Iceland invited to glacier rave

Enough of the boring, traditional raves in disused warehouses or fields, they’re yesterday’s news; at least in they are in Iceland, where revellers are now being invited to attend a slightly more extreme type party – deep within one of the country’s picturesque glaciers.

Later this month, 70 hedonists will trek hundreds of metres into Iceland’s second biggest glacier, Langjokull, to party the night away in a truly unique environment. And with just a small number allowed to attend, organisers claim that dancing within one of the country’s glacial systems offers the best possible way to make your friends jealous.

The rave is part of the island nation’s much talked about summer festival Secret Solstice, which recently hit the headlines for offering the world’s most expensive festival ticket at a cool US$200,000. Organisers say it is the first music gig to ever stage within a glacier.

To enable the party to take place, a huge ice tunnel had to be built by cutting deep inside the glacier. The 800-metre structure, which connects various chambers, goes down 30 metres below the surface.

In addition to the rave, the glacier also features a café, exhibition space and a small chapel where couples can wed.