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Plus-Size US model bares all for Icelandic magazine

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Ashley Graham has posed nude alongside other models for Glamour Iceland magazine.

The issue, which went on sale on 8 May, features ALDA models Graham, Julie Henderson, Danielle Redman, Inga Eiriksdottir and Marquita Pring. The hope is that the pictures can transform the way Icelanders perceive beauty in the modelling world.

ALDA is a group of models who have set out with the intention of showing that beauty should not be linked to a particular shape or size.

Icelandic model Eiriksdottir recently spoke about their intentions, revealing that they had a number of meetings over the space of a few months and developed a business plan, before finally meeting with the top agencies in New York.

She explained that the majority of them had never taken on models larger than the US size 6, so they weren’t sure if they would be keen to do so. However, she revealed that the response was “amazing” and, after mulling it over, they opted to join IMG because they loved what they stood for and didn’t mind if the models were size 2 or 12.

She added that models needed to be represented equally because people’s perception that they must be skinny had to change.