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Reykjavik mayor wants Bjork exhibition reconstructed in Iceland

Despite the bad reviews the Bjork exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) has received, Reykjavik mayor Dagur Bergthoruson Eggertsson would love the show to come to the Icelandic capital.

The city’s director of information Bjarni Brynjolfsson revealed that the mayor had travelled to New York to see the exhibition and would welcome it back in his homeland.

Although critics have been far from impressed by the MoMA show, which was designed to celebrate the life and times of the unique musician, it seems those from her homeland are far more appreciative of it, perhaps because her celebrity status in Iceland goes beyond what it does anywhere else in the world.

And Eggertsson’s remarks are not just off the cuff, Reykjavik’s director of culture and tourism Svanhildur Konradsdottir is already trying to arrange for the exhibition to go on show at the Reykjavik Art Museum – an idea MoMA is reportedly not against.

A MoMA spokesman said they were looking into the possibility of touring the exhibition, but said they had no dates to announce at present.

However, Brynjolfsson admitted that if the show was to travel from New York to Reykjavik, it would have to be altered in certain ways.