Attention-loving elk is front-page news in Norway

A selfie taken by a Norwegian skier with an elk staring at the lens in the background is the lead photo of the website of Norway’s largest selling newspaper, VG.

The ‘Elkie’, as it has jokingly been referred to, was taken by Kristoffer Simonsen Ramskjell from Drobak, south of Oslo, when he spotted the Elk and its calf while skiing on Friday.

The economist admitted that he was astonished the picture had proven so popular and said it was “quite cool” as he had enjoyed a lot of attention since it was posted onto the website.

He explained that the elk might have been used to skiers as it did not appear scared of him and was actually quite friendly, adding that it even seemed to like the attention of being photographed.

Ramskjelll went on to say that the photo was meant to be a joke as he had intended to post it on a website that skiers upload pictures of pedestrians spoiling ski tracks by walking on them. He explained that he thought it would be a light-hearted way to contribute to the website.