Bjork releases ‘Blake Lake’ trailer in lead up to MoMA exhibition

Bjork releases ‘Blake Lake’ trailer in lead up to MoMA exhibition

Icelandic musician Bjork, who is to be recognised at the New York Museum of Modern Art’s retrospective exhibition Bjork between March and June, has shared a trailer for the feature’s main attraction, Black Lake.

Black Lake, described by Rolling Stone as an “immersive 10-minute music and film experience” is a collaboration between director Thomas Huang, who worked with the artist on her video for Mutual Core, and 3D design company Autodesk.

The exhibit will showcase Bjork’s collaborations with photographers, video directors, fashion designers and other musicians, while it is to be presented with a part-biographical, part-fictional narrative. The singer-songwriter and Icelandic writer Sjon Sigurdsson wrote the feature, which covers the 22 years that have passed since her first solo album, Debut, was released in 1993.

The exhibit has a capacity of just 100 people at a time. Visitors will walk through rooms wearing headphones and listening to her tracks as well as commentary from Sigurdsson, director Margret Vilhjalmsdottir and the musician herself, while each area features era-specific videos and costumes.

Bjork released her ninth studio album, Vulnicura, on iTunes on 20 January, two months earlier than planned because of an internet leak. The album was inspired by her former partner Matthew Barney, with whom she split with while writing the LP and has since described it as the toughest thing she has ever done.

The Bjork MoMA exhibition will run from 8 March to 7 June.