Norway: Conservationists offer sizeable bounty for info on missing wolf

Norway Conservationists offer sizeable bounty for info on missing wolfNorwegian conservationists looking to locate a rare wolf that has been missing since August 2013 have offered a reward of 100,000 to anyone with information that leads to finding the beast.

Investigators think the female wolf, Froya, might have been killed by hunters due to information obtained from DNA tests, tracks and pictures that they have analysed extensively.

Green Warriors of Norway (Miljovernforbundet) deputy chief Orjan Holm described the situation as “unacceptable”, pointing out that Froya was part of the country’s fauna. He added that illegal poachers who hunt animals such as wolves were “pitiful”.

The conservationist group has offered a reward of 100,000 kroner to anyone with information on what happened to Froya. Holm said that if anyone knew anything they should inform his group or Okokrim – which investigates environmental crimes – as some people in Norway continued to partake in illegal wolf hunts without any consideration for the damage they were doing.

There are only around 30 wolves left in Norway as well as another estimated 30 living along the border regions between Norway and Sweden.