Lapland Christmas tourism continues to boom

Lapland Christmas tourism continues to boom

Lapland Christmas tourism continues to boomTourism in the northern Finnish region of Lapland has exceeded expectations once more, with the number of visitors increasing for the fifth year in succession.

Foreign tourists to the winter wonderland were also up on last year, with tour operator Lapland Safaris spokesman Rauno Posio noting that the number of visitors from the UK and mainland European countries had also risen.

There was little year-on-year change in the number of chartered flights to the region’s airports, but nearly all the carriers were full this year. Posio noted that this was shown in the how many tours had been sold, adding that marketing campaigns in the UK had been particularly effective.

Analysts predicted in November that around 360 chartered flights filled to their capacity would arrive in the airports in Kuusamo and Lapland. However, national airport administrator Finavia believes that there may even have been more.

Lapland Safaris welcomed charter flight tours from eight different countries, but 90 per cent of all flights over the festive season were from the UK. Posio said that he saw no reason why this popularity among Brits would not continue in the years to come, adding that they would be expanding their sales capacity for the 2015 winter.

This was the fifth year in a row that tourism in Lapland increased since the global financial crash in 2009. Posio noted that it may be hard to reach the numbers recorded in 2008 in the future, but that Lapland tourism was currently enjoying a pleasant boom.