Bjork nativity story appears online

Bjork nativity story appears online

Bjork nativity story appears onlineA video of a young Bjork telling the nativity story on Icelandic TV has emerged online.

The footage of the Icelandic musician shows her as an 11-year-old child telling the tale in her mother tongue while music plays in the background. The video, which was filmed in 1976, has already gathered hundreds of views on YouTube after being uploaded on Christmas Eve.

In more up-to-date news, Bjork is preparing to release her career retrospective book this coming March, featuring contributions from Spike Jonze and Chris Cunningham. Bjork: Archives is set to tell the tale of the musician’s career through photographs, academic analysis, poetry and philosophical texts

Bjork has been extremely busy of late, with her concert movie Biophilia Live being released in November, after being filmed on the final show of her Biophilia tour at Alexandra Palace in London in September 2013. The DVD and Blu-Ray release features extra footage filmed at the Miraikan Museum in Japan when the singer visited the Far Eastern country.

Meanwhile, Kanye West producer Arca has revealed that he will be the co-producer of Bjork’s upcoming album, which will be the first she has released since Biophilia in 2011.