Iceland hotel sorry for Apartheid cocktail

Iceland hotel sorry for Apartheid cocktail

Iceland hotel sorry for Apartheid cocktailA hotel in Iceland has faced international condemnation after it named one of its cocktails, Apartheid, after the brutal regime involving racial segregation in South Africa.

The Hotel Reykjavik Marina was condemned on Twitter for advertising its “Apartheid” cocktail – made up of stout liqueur, vodka, roasted hazelnuts and cream. And to make matters worse, when the drink was criticised on the social network, the hotel’s owner, Icelandair, responded by describing the drink as: “Simply scrumptious, enjoy! Happy Holidays.”

After a series of Tweets gave the company further criticism, it realised the massive error it had made and took to the site to make a full and unreserved apology. It blamed a team member in Iceland who was allegedly unaware what the work meant. It added that the drink had been removed from the hotel immediately.

The airline later explained that the member of staff had presumed the word meant “separation” and was completely unaware of the historical significance of it.

Icelandair corporate communications vice-president Gudjon Amgrimsson said the bar located inside the Reykjavik Marina Hotel made a clear mistake, but has since apologised and removed the drink from the menu. He added that they were very sorry to anyone they had offended and insisted such mistakes would not happen again.