Millions of Finns to enjoy tax refunds

Millions of Finns to enjoy tax refunds

Millions of Finns to enjoy tax refundsFinland’s tax administration is to pay out more than two billion euros to the country’s taxpayers who paid too much over the course of 2013.

Tax authorities in the Nordic country say that 3.3 million people are to receive refunds on taxes paid last year. The total amount to be paid out is 2.2 billion euros, which equates to an average of 658 euros per person.

A lucky 711,000 taxpayers are set to enjoy a very merry Christmas, receiving more than 1,000 euros in returns – a sum that amounts to 65 per cent of what the taxman is dishing out. These refunds are likely to start being paid into bank accounts on 3 December.

It’s not all good for taxpayers, however, with some having been informed that they paid too little over the course of 2013. They have been told to start paying their residual taxes from 1 December. Tax authorities believe that some 778,000 people did not paid enough, meaning 1.1 billion is owed to the government, or 1,424 euros per person.

But 77 per cent of the people told to fork out for taxes owed from last year will have bills of less than 1,000 euros.